We get asked all the time about suppling indivuduals or companies with the same type of custmized digital weather products we developed for OklahomaWeatherTracker.com.  We are now offering some of our most popular products directly to individuals and companies.  All of the products offered are white label and fully customizable to fit your needs.  The products are listed below.  If you have any questions or to request more information contact us Sales@OklahomaWeatherTracker.com
Premium Services from Oklahoma Weather Tracker

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Premium Services
Get a Live Feed directly from two National Weather Service offices of your choice anywhere in the United States.  All of the products each specificic office issues (including Forecast Discussions, Lake & River Reports and Warnings - just to name a few) are delivered directly to your email in real time. 
The Live Social Media Feed publishes in real time Watches, Warnings and Advisories for your specific area of interest anywhere in the United States on your Twitter and Facebook Page.  The publishing can be fully customized to only trigger certain products and text can be fully customized with your own tag lines.
$19.99 per month
$49.99 per month
The Live Watch & Warning Map product displays Watches, Warnings and Advisories for your State.  It can be added to your website with a simple HTML code.   The map will auto update Live on your website.   All of the product colors are fully customizable and also which products are triggered to be displayed on the map.
$49.99 per month
Display Live Loopable Nexrad Radar on your website with the ability to display multiple Nexrad products like base velocity, storm total precipitaion.  This service includes one Nexrad site of your choice.  You can also ad your own logo to the radar.  You simply paste the HTML code in your site and your users will be able to view and control Live Nexrad Radar.
$49.99 per month
Display a Live Feed of Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV directly on your website.  Fully customizable sizes.  Simply add the HTML code and your site users will be able to view the daily forecast and Live severe weather coverage as it happens from Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV.  We are offering this completely free of charge.
OklahomaWeatherTracker.com is in the process of starting a Statewide Live Cam Network.  This is a great opportunity to have a Live HD Cam in front of your business that is displayed Live on OklahomaWeatherTracker.com, the Oklahoma Weather Tracker mobile app and is used on Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV.  The cam is small and compact and runs off of WiFi.  Your business name is displayed prominently on the cam video.  It's a great low cost way to advertise your business all across the State.  Contact us directly for pricing. 
Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV
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Set Up Fee Applies
Set Up Fee Applies
$19.99 per month
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